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Johnson Drywall & Construction, Inc. - drywall and paint contractors
family-owned and operated since 1975

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A reputation for dependability.
Johnson Drywall & Construction, Inc. is specialized in all phases of drywall and paint for new residential homes, town homes, condos and apartments. Through our work with many builders over the years, we have acquired a reputation for dependability, maintaining the builders' schedules and most importantly producing quality drywall installation and paint application.

Only drywall or drywall/paint combination.
As a courtesy to our builders who desire to use the drywall and paint combination, we have expanded our contract work to include a paint division in 1987. However, for builders who have their own paint contractors, we continue to perform drywall only jobs.

Customer Service
Johnson Drywall & Construction, Inc. prides itself in their reputation for customer service in both drywall and paint. Nanette Molinas heads the customer service scheduling department and has eight full time service technicians. Johnson Drywall & Construction, Inc. feels that a strong customer service will bring repeat customers to the builders.

All supervisors and most field employees have Nextels and/or cell phones to keep an open line of communication with the office and builders. Johnson Drywall & Construction, Inc. has bilingual personnel to compete with the expanding Latino industry.

Free estimates are provided.

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Johnson Drywall & Construction, Inc.
7533 Gary Road
Manassas, Virginia 20109
phone: (703) 330-0030
fax: (703) 330-5659

Johnson Drywall & Construction, Inc. is a member of:

Northern Virginia Building Industry Association

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Prince William County Chamber of Commerce

National Federation of Independent Business

National Assocation of Home Builders

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