Johnson Drywall & Construction, Inc. - drywall and paint contractors
family-owned and operated since 1975
This is a partial list of references - more references upon request.

B.F. Stephens
Frank Stephens, owner 540-347-6600
Carr Homes, Inc.
Lee Steinmeyer, Production Manager 703-658-6060
Kustom Kastles LLC
Lee Morrell 703-764-5923
Milles & Smith Homes
Eddie Barrish, Production Manager 703-821-2500
NV Homes
Dave Edwards
John Adler
Jerry Johnson
Oak Hill Properties
Kevin Rodgers, Division Manager 301-662-0435

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Johnson Drywall & Construction, Inc.
7533 Gary Road
Manassas, Virginia 20109
phone: (703) 330-0030
fax: (703) 330-5659

Johnson Drywall & Construction, Inc. has received the following awards:

2003 - Schedule Award
2002 - Schedule Award
2000 - Quality Contractor
          of the Year
1999 - Finish Contractor
          of the Year
1998 - Scheduling Award
1997 - Subcontractor
          of the Year
1996 - Subcontractor
          of the Year

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